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With a fleet of over 20 trucks, Loiseau Construction is able to haul aggregate from gravel pits and quarries to our projects. Loiseau is also involved in the snow removal process for the City of Sioux Falls.


Crushing & Blending

Loiseau Construction has been using the reclamation process to salvage existing materials for many years. On many projects the salvage aggerate needs to be crushed and blended with virgin material to meet specifications. Loiseau Construction has the necessary equipment to do so for these projects. 


Loiseau Construction specializes in moving dirt with scrapers, bulldozers, motor graders, etc. From building roads, to creating developments, we exceed the expectations.



The reclamation process was new to Loiseau Construction in 2014 when the company purchased a reclaimer and milling machine. Since then, Loiseau Construction has taken on a steady workload profiling and stabilizing state and county roads across South Dakota.

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