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SINCE 1975

Since 1975, Loiseau Construction has been moving dirt and aggregate in the Flandreau, SD area. Jim Loiseau started the family business when he began maintaining township roads and building terraces for the townships in the area. As the employee and equipment list grew, Jim started to have more interest completing work for the South Dakota Department of Transportation. Now Loiseau Construction mainly performs work for the state of South Dakota on larger grading projects and hauling aggregate, with the occasional work with private contractors and in local townships. Loiseau Construction is now run by Shaw Loiseau and Jennifer Latham. Loiseau Construction is continuing to grow while building strong relationships with other contractors and departments.


What We Do

Loiseau Construction is a grading contractor based in Flandreau, SD. From initial ground break, to final clean up, our results speak for themselves. With operations running since 1975 and a team of professionals who prioritize top quality service, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with the excellent results we’ll deliver.

Where We've Been

Loiseau Construction has been involved in various projects across South Dakota. New projects are continuously added as our company grows. While many projects are associated with the Department of Transportation, Loiseau Construction also works with private contractors and engineering firms.


How To Apply

As a company we are always looking for ways to better our team. With our fast growing workload, we are always seeking new, dedicated employees. If your a hard working individual looking to grow in the construction industry, Loiseau Construction is the place for you!



1002 West Elm Avenue Flandreau, SD 57028

Fax:  (605) 997-2960 Tel: (605) 997-2511

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