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Past Projects

Hwy 34

This project consisted of 8 miles of milling through Buffalo Country and across the Big Bend Dam in Fort Thompson.


Hwy 46

Hwy 46 was an 8 mile mill and overlay project in 2021. Also included in this project was the blending of salvage and granular material.

Hwy 46 Stockpile.png

Hwy 50,281,46

This project consisted of 4 miles of total regrade, 10 miles of shoulder widening, pipe replacement, and asphalt surfacing in Wagner, SD.


Hwy 212 

From 2019 to 2021, Loiseau Construction completed 21 miles of shoulder widening, pipe replacement, 5 areas of total regrade, and asphalt surfacing on Hwy 212 in Faulkton, SD.

Faultkon Project.png

Hwy 249

This pipe replacement was on Hwy 249 in Fort Thompson, SD and consisted of 3 96' runs of 48'' Arch Concrete pipe.


Faulkton Minupial Airport

In 2019, the reconstruction of the Faulkton Airport took place. This project included the remove of waste material and backfilled in aggregate.

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